My life on the porch, almost 100 days.

When I started porch drumming on April 1st I never thought it would go this long. Days just kept adding up and before I knew it I was at 50 and everyone wanted me to keep going. Each day figuring out what instruments to bring to the porch, grooves that fit the mood of the day, will the wife solo on shakers tonight for her fans. Many emotions have weaved their way thru the porch drumming. It was healing to the essential workers I heard from in the posts or PMs I would get from them that they looked forward to this after a long day in a hospital, Dr Clinic, store workers or the bus driver that would go by and wave on his route. Started out with just the Djembe and on to snare drums and pulling out a hi hat and tom case for a bass drum. Making sure I taped the pedal firmly to the porch so I wasn’t wrestling with it when I tried to play things that would loosen the tape. Deciding which cowbells to use for the “more cowbell” crowd or sticks, brushes or mallets to replicate a gamelan. Thanks to Marty Henninger for coming over and playing drums in the yard. To Ed Neumann arriving on his trailer with PA to play for the workers and neighbors, that was a hell of a surprise and hilarious. Pete Moss for stopping by one night to play sax with Marty and Ed. Randy Monroe on bulb horn and Kim Hilstad on musical tube one hilarious night. To Carl Smith asking if he could brings his congas over one night. This has continued to help keep me sane thru this crazy time.

A couple days have been hard and not sure what to play to try to heal the world around us in turmoil. Bringing the gong, singing bowl, bells from Bali and Myanmar after the death of George Floyd. I enjoyed bringing some of my collection of percussion instruments to the porch for my different moods. Pulling out my marching snare after not playing it for 45 years, btw, it’s heavier than I remembered. It has been a total labor of love for the essential workers but other tragedies have over lapped with BLM and police brutality. My goal was to provide some glimmer of hope to the world from my little porch in Portland OR, or from on the road in the back of the Rondo or this last weekend with a few clips of Bottleneck Blues Band from Maryhill Wineries porch. I have loved all of your comments over the last 91 days. I will see you on the porch tonight and for another 8 nights before calling an end to 7pm porch drumming for essential workers. Peace and Love to everyone who has enjoyed my percussion. ?????? Hope to see you all out and about when this is over. Wear a mask and stay safe. Much Love to you all. ???

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